Explains in detail the nutritional composition and propertie

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Explains in detail the nutritional composition and propertie

Postby KenBurge » Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:11 am

Dr. Monte Filch, an expert in nutrition and Dietetics and a member of the body optional of the Teknion Medical Center Hospital Quiroz, explains in detail the nutritional composition and properties of the fruit to maintain health and prevent many diseases, and also offers tips on the purchase and maintenance of these foods, and recipes to prepare delicious shakes and juices at home.

With this information and all these ideas to be included in the diet so varied and pleasant to the palate, who can resist taking the five daily servings of fruit recommended?

Is it healthy to make a diet based only on fruits?
A diet of only fruit maintained many days would not be healthy. Everything depends on the person and perhaps could do maybe two, three days, or make it to coincide with a weekend, which is when we are generally calmer and don't have a significant energy expenditure, and could then be used to make a cleansing diet of fruits.

Now in summer we have for example the watermelon, which leads to excessive amounts of water and can help us lose a bit of weight.Free Ken Burge Report

And a purifying treatment that consists of taking only fruit one day a week, for example?
This also depends on each one. If a person does not have any health problem, and is well and with energy, obviously this debugging, even psychologically, can be assumed to be better, and even more energy.

But if you're in the comings and goings of the work may be better not to do it, more than anything to avoid suffering a drop in blood sugar that can be counterproductive. However, a Saturday or a Sunday, for example, whenever we take us more calmly, it can be perfectly and is healthy.

Why is it better to take the whole fruit in juice?
"The disadvantages of juice from the whole fruit are that it does not provide fiber - a nutrient that helps fight constipation, regulate blood sugar, etc.- and unwittingly take large amount of sugar in a very fast way"

The skin of the fruit is fiber, and when we do a juice this fiber is lost. When we drink juice take vitamins and minerals, but the fiber does not.
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