Your daily calorie intake and its relationship to weight

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Your daily calorie intake and its relationship to weight

Postby KyleLeon » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:10 am

Spread on Internet sites that calculate daily calorie needs, which vary according to -------, age, height and weight.

Examples of site which offers tool to calculate daily calories needed to maintain weight, and weight reduction, and the drastic reduction of the weight. The site also contains useful information on how to use these indicators and which I will try to translate in this post.

Calories to reduce fat

Scientifically, each pound of fat (nearly half a kilogram), is equal to 3500 calories. We need to cut calories the body needs 500 calories a day to lose lbs by the end of the the following internet site Customized Fat Loss

But, in fact, not be this exact!

Generally, the less energy the body needs more mass-less, which means it is inevitable a steady weight. Alaei diet ever done to reduce your weight, now become a reason for this constant weight.


When calculating calories daily, always follow the required quantity to reduce weight, and not quantity requirement for drastic reduction of weight, because the latter is the minimum daily calories, and starting system this quantity may be counter-productive. Then your body may get used to this and then have to cut your prices to below the minimum.

A steady weight

Over time, adapted to our bodies with low amount of calories, our bodies become more energy efficient, which means metabolism (metabolism) slower, so burn less fat.

This is the point where the majority of the diet mtboua up to a steady weight. The solution here is to stimulate the metabolism, by:

Increase cardio (jogging, aerobics, etc.).
Weight lifting exercises
Introduction of high calorie meals from one period to the next (e.g. open day)
Rotate the prices (and will be explained)
Take the necessary quantity of different food groups (protein, carbohydrates and other)
Sleep regular hours enough
Drink lots of water

You may notice that you are closer to your ideal weight, the greater the fat is difficult. But continue to cut calories when weight changes, will inevitably lead to a slow metabolism, causing the lost weight back when you eat normal amount of calories (the amount of fortitude).
If that solution?
Do not resort to drastic reduction of calories like fast weight reduction. For example, let's say you want to lose 20 kg of weight, and I discovered that your body burns 2000 calories per day, do not cut the 1500 calories from the beginning of the system, but never by 1800 kcal, for example, and then after losing 5 kilograms new your system and consumed 1,700 kcal. And so on. This way when a loss of weight, your body will not be used for very low quantity of calories is captivated with the length of your life.

What are the consequences of drastic reduction of daily calories?

Recourse to the muscles for energy.
Metabolic rate would drop after 3 days of often drastic reduction, leading to loss of muscle mass.
Drastic reduction of daily caloric intake leads to drowsiness, and fatigue. You expose yourself to the increase in weight when you return to normal eating.

Recycling prices
As I mentioned above, the prices of recycling solutions that help to overcome a steady weight. An attempt to fool your body to change the amount of calories they consume daily, the total weekly fixed.

Rotate the carbs
Is a special type of recycling prices very useful to break a plateau. And intended to change the amount of carbohydrates they consume daily to reduce fat, so refrain from carbohydrates in the days you want to commit to fewer calories, and increase in the days when prices take over.
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