STD home test

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STD home test

Postby darawe » Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:05 pm

A bit off topic for this forum, but hope to get some help ...

I have never got tested before and would like to but i am not sure what and how? I have been browsing through this site -, trying to find some quick solution that would spare me the embarrassment of having to ask my (female) doctor to run the tests on me ...

Can I go to any other clinic (not mine) around or it has to be std testing clinic? How long does the testing last? Do they just take your blood sample or do they do other things like check ur penis? How long do you have to wait for results? Do they ask you any questions when and with how many girls u've been?

p.s. And a separate question, can a girl now if she has any std's if she had a pap smear test?

Thank you!
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