Infection model

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Infection model

Postby kevin06 » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:52 am

The zebrafish allows you to see through your skin, Infection model all your information is shared with the spirit of 'open access' and from today has its genetic map sequenced and ordered on the web. This animal, much cheaper than the rodents, promises to conquer the laboratories.
The mouse has been the king of the laboratory for many years but has emerged as an important competitor. A small piece of five centimeters in length and features longitudinal stripes in the body that give it its nickname: the zebrafish. His weight in the research has multiplied in recent years thanks to its conditions that as of today add to the publication in Nature of two decisive works that will redouble its value and influence: its complete genome and a whole catalog of fish Zebra mutants that will be very useful to pull the thread towards the discovery of cures for innumerable human ailments.
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