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Matt Traverso Review-Insulin for diabetes

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:32 pm
by marcellajuliet
As insulin should be highly profitable production and distribution. Were required to be approved by the administration that doctors have an incentive to use it as a prescription drug

Testing required for certification must be enormously costly to other, unapproved treatment, remained well out of the competition. About Fitness Blogs

This is the origin of the classic medical approach to "treat the symptoms". This process ensures a successful business for pharmaceutical companies and doctors and patient, though not cured of their disease, sometimes temporarily relieved of some of its difficult symptoms.

All other natural treatments that actually cure disease, had to be suppressed. The more effective, and more were banned and their proponents jailed as quacks.

After all, the capital-intensive monopoly market specifically designed to treat the symptoms instead of disease treatment, it was possible to endure some cheap effective natural medication that really cure the disease, as in the case of natural substances often really is.

That was the reason to abuse the legal power to expel often superior to natural medicine from the market, removing the words "heal" from a medical dictionary and all-out to undermine the concept of the free market in the medical profession.