Hair transplant cost

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Hair transplant cost

Postby kato24785 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:54 am

There are many Hair transplant centre or hospital in India that providing hair transplant treatment at affordable cost for those peoples who have baldness problem and want to get rid from this problem. this treatment is the best new medical invention which providing you loss hair back with natural hair.

Hair transplant cost in India

Re: Hair transplant cost

Postby Alisha » Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:56 am

Hair Transplant cost is low and good to afford. Bald Patients can safely complete their needs of removing baldness. The techniques are updated and advanced.

Re: Hair transplant cost

Postby danysmith » Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:22 am

Hair transplant has been become a very popular treatment now for a hair loss disease and no more cost of hair transplant in India it can easily afford by the patient who seeking for that treatment in India. Today FUE hair transplant method applying for done that treatment to provide high class result. In FUE technique hair transplant surgeon takes individual hair follicles from back of the head which is called donor site transplant in to the bald area of the scalp and the transplanted hair after the completion of this surgical treatment re-grow in healthy condition in few days so it totally safe and reliable treatment.

Hair transplant cost in India

Re: Hair transplant cost

Postby Michelle S » Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:23 pm

I do believe that hair transplant although very effect should be used as last resort. I believe that there are many healthy natural remedies and treatments that can help you stop hair fall and grow hair.

Some people grow hair faster, while others grow hair slower. It all depends on who you are. BUT, I know if you take care of your hair and follow these steps, you will get longer, healthier hair in no time!

Here are some steps you can follow to grow your hair faster:

From the inside:
-Drink lots of water! Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday
-Get lots of protein!
-Eat healthy!
-Eat all foods with necessary vitamins that help with hair growth. Mainly vitamin C, A, and E. Zinc and Iron are also very important.
-Take vitamin supplements that help with hair growth. Make sure approved by your doctor firs and if you are a minor, ask for parent's permission. I recommend Biotin! Biotin works wonders for growing hair & nails, and makes hair, nails, and skin healthy. You can also try Hair Skin Nails vitamins from the drugstore. If you don't want to get vitamins or you can't get vitamins, just make sure you eat foods with necessary vitamins.
-Exercise regularly
-Get reasonable amount of sleep. 8 hours is a reasonable amount of sleep
-Don't stress yourself out too much
-Let it grow naturally

From outside:
- Shampoo and condition regularly. Wash hair depending on your hair type. If you have thick, coarse hair, wash your hair less times a week. Thick, coarse hair is more dry than thin, fine hair, so washing it too many times a week will dry it out even more so that's not good. If you have thin, fine hair, wash it more times a week. Do NOT wash everyday because this can strip hair of natural and necessary oils that it needs and it will become dry.
- Deep condition no more than 2 times a week. Deep conditioning is very important for your hair because it keeps your hair's hydration and moisture, it also makes it shiner. You can buy one at a store or simply make one at home with simple ingredients.
- Trim your hair, but not too often. Don't listen to what others say about trimming hair every 6-8 weeks. You should only trim your hair when you NEED to such as when you have split ends. When you have split ends, you should immediately get split ends trimmed so they won't rise higher. The more split ends you have, the more hair you'll have to get cut off. So, take care of your hair and get split ends trimmed whenever needed. Do not get hair trimmed to often, though, because you need to let it grow. If you keep cutting it, it will not grow, you won't see any results, and it'll stay the same as it was before.
- Do not tie hair back too tight. This can cause breakage to their hair. Loosely tie your hair back when you do.
- Don't use too much heat on your hair, if you do use heat, because this can cause breakage, dry, damaged, unhealthy hair and can stunt growth and increase the amount of split ends you have.
- When you do use heat on hair, make sure you use a heat protectant most of the time to protect your hair from heat.
- Try no heat hairstyles. Don't use that much heat. Also, try to wear hair down when you can like at night to let hair breathe. But, when you go to sleep, tie your hair up instead of wearing it down before you go to sleep because you can break off some of your hair if you are a wild sleeper by moving too much and getting it all tangled.
- Comb out hair before washing it to prevent tangles.
- After washing, comb out with a wide tooth comb instead of a brush to prevent tangles, knots, and breakage of hair.
- Don't comb hair when fully wet because your hair is more fragile when it's wet and it can break off easily.
- Do not scrub hair all around when washing, especially if you have curly hair or hair that gets easily tangled because it can cause bad tangles and knots that cause breakage of hair. Gently massage head and all of your hair. Wash thoroughly
- Comb hair starting from the bottom and work your way up to the top to prevent tangles, knots, and breakage.
- Massage head/hair every day
- Rinse with cool or warm water, but NOT hot water.
- Do not perm hair. This can cause breakage and stunt growth. Leave hair natural.
- Do not dye hair as often. It's okay to dye hair sometimes, just not too often because this can also cause breakage and stunt growth.

-Also, be patient! This certainly won't come overnight, BUT these tips will help your hair grow quicker and longer! You will see the results if you just take care of your hair and follow these steps.

Hair products that help with hair growth:
Hair fertilizer: You NEED to try hair fertilizer. This will help your hair grow super fast and it actually works, trust me! Hair fertilizer is basically a root stimulator that helps hair growth, that's why it's called hair fertilizer because it fertilizes your hair and makes hair grow from the roots. You can also try their hair serum or hair balm.
Coconut oil: Coconut oil works wonders for your hair. It makes your hair super healthy and contributes to hair growth. Trust me, coconut oil is very good for your hair. Coconut oil works for a number of things. You can use coconut oil as a hair mask. Coconut is very good for your hair, and even skin. It's good for your body overall, and you can use it for a great amount of reasons. So If you're wondering, how to make your hair grow fast, just try these.

You can use hair fertilizer and coconut oil together to make a hair mask.

-Apply hair fertilizer to scalp on damp hair
-Apply coconut oil from ear down on damp hair
-Tie hair up
-Let it absorb for 20 minutes or a little less
-You can rinse it out in 20 minutes or a little less, but you can also leave it in overnight
By the way: The hair mask will absorb within 20 minutes, so don't worry about it getting on your pillow
-Wash out at least 2 times the next morning if you leave it in overnight and wash thoroughly. Make sure you wash twice to make sure you get it all out of your hair.

You can also try olive oil and honey mixed together make a hair mask.

Hope I helped you! :)
Michelle S

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