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Customized Fat Loss Review - lose weight

PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:36 am
by cherlielavez
Hi all of You Hope you are Fine..I Workout Everyday Except Sunday . I do arm on Monday and Thursday . Ab and chest on Tuesday and Friday and cardio and treadmill on Wednesday and Saturday . I concern about treadmill and cardio . I always sweat when I do the exercise but I eat a lot after I'm done . I eat a lot of health stuff like yesterday I have fish , tofu , salad and spinach . Will I need to eat less to get a six pack or swear a lot and eat a lot ? I understand if i eat a lot i build arm and chest but what about six pack .Will I able to get six pack if I eat a lot if healthy stuff and sweat a lot when I'm workout ? and i Listen About the Customized Fat Loss Program who Discovers it? and Is it Works?

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