Need help with diet not sure what to eat.

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Need help with diet not sure what to eat.

Postby fooddude » Wed May 13, 2015 3:55 am

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help me on what to eat. first off I am not a vegan ( why am i posting in here) well if you read a little further you will know why. So here is a lil story.
I was diagnosed with IBS but it seems like it might be something else. Yes I do get constipation but even when I do poop afterwards I still have a feeling like I need to go again. This feeling lasts all day and it hurts and even through out the day I have Constant pressure in my butt with a feeling like I have to poop but when I try to go nothing comes out.. I need to see my butt dr again to get better info but I have reason to believe I have "proctitis" due to the matching symptoms (------ aren't I smart)

a good way to describe it is imagine having a fart held in constantly that wont come out. Sometimes I go to the bathroom for a false alarm of #2 multiple times a day and it is frustrating. and yes I can find some humor in the situation but aside from all that it just hurts. all the time.

I am 25. male, about 5'9 I weigh 140 pounds and I do work out (no weights) I don't smoke cigs(but use to) and even stopped drinking alcohol because of this sickness. I do smoke green from time to time and I am not on any medications at all.

l i didn't really eat to unhealthy to begin with but not to healthy either. However, I am frustrated with this sickness and feel a better diet may be the cure. I have stopped eating any types of dairy products, coffee any types of junk food. surprisingly bread (white not sure about weat yet) makes e constipated really bad. When it comes to my meat choices my portions have been tuned down severely due to my sickness but I still get symptoms. I don't eat a lot of red meat, mostly chicken or eggs

I guess I just don't know what to eat when it comes to healthy food and was wondering if anyone can offer any pointers?
any salad recipes
anything healthy that tastes good that may help. went to the store and boght some green beans and stuff but it doesn't help that I don't know any good recipies. and google sucks for this type of information I just end up on some dumb site or something

i hope this made sense, i have barley ate anything all day due to my sickness and i am feeling drowsy.

I hope and thank anyone who responds and look forward to this forum thanks
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