Medicinal Properties of Grape Seeds

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Medicinal Properties of Grape Seeds

Postby ednachopin » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:15 am

We all know that grapes have many health benefits; they are usually common gifts given to patients in hospital to help them through the healing process. Although, this is more of a tradition from Roman times than anything else, but grapes and especially grape seeds to have a natural healing ability, something that we call the Grape Cure.

In terms of what they can cure, it’s been known that grapes can help cure everything from nausea and liver diseases, right through to one case of stomach cancer.

The seed itself can be extracted from the grape in order to increase blood levels of antioxidants in our systems, improving how our body operates by fighting off free radicals which can lead to cell death and severe health problems.

What Conditions Can Grape Seed Extract be used with?

Chronic venous insufficiency

Perhaps our first port-of-call is how grape seed extract can substantially help those that have these kinds of symptoms. Chronic Venous Insufficiency to put it in simple terms is when the blood in your body because clogged up in your legs, causing blood pools to appear. For anyone that suffers with this they can experience sharp pains, swelling of the legs, and fatigue.

By introducing grape seed into the equation there have been many reports that this miracle cure has allowed the symptoms of CVI to radically reduce in a short period of time.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is without doubt one of the most common health issues that we face as humans. The biggest problem is that most us will never know when we have high blood pressure simply because there are not any obvious symptoms. What we do know is that grape seed extracts provide a high level of antioxidants which the body needs to help protect blood cells from any serious damage.

This alone will reduce the high blood pressure in the body, because blood cells and vessels will be much stronger to break thanks to grape seeds.


In the 20th Century a writer by the name of Johanna Brandt studied controversial health subjects and she believed that grape seed extract helped cure her of stomach cancer. The truth is that grape seed extract has been substantially proven to help prevent the growth of various types of cancer such as lung, prostate, colon and the afore mentioned stomach cancer cells.

Again, this could come down to the level of antioxidants that are found in grapes that cut out growth and development of cells.


By now you have probably realized the many health benefits to grape seeds, from the quickness of recovery to the antioxidants that can strengthen our blood cells. Edema is essentially the medical term for the swelling caused by either surgery or a major injury and we see this in all walks of medical procedures from breath cancer surgery to other major surgery types.

With the introduction of grape seed extract studies have found that this works better than any other placebo. The pain and swelling of post-surgery tends to decrease at a substantial rate which allows patients to get back on their feet quicker.

What Else Can Grape Seed Extract Combat?

We have mentioned but a few of the health conditions that grapes can help with above, but there is also proven studies that show grape seed extract can aid in improving blood sugar control which is a massive step forward in combating the likes of Diabetes, as well as anti-aging and the treatment of hemorrhoids. Grape seed extract can also help improve night vision, whilst also slowing down the effects of Alzheimer.
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