4 Things You Should Know About Food In tolerances

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4 Things You Should Know About Food In tolerances

Postby PitterRicherd » Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:10 am

Is becoming more common to find people who suffer from food intolerance to different foods; Although the most common are lactose and gluten, there are other less common that they are increasing and we need to know them to be prevented.

1. What is a food intolerance?

It is when the intake of certain food causes a number of symptoms since the organization does not have the enzyme needed to break down the food; therefore, when you suffer from intolerance, reactions may be similar to an allergy, presented signs, like for example:





Pain in the joints

Gastrointestinal problems

Dark pigmentation under the eyes


2. How detected is a food intolerance

It is not easy, in addition to your doctor asks for different tests relating to allergies, it is convenient to keep a diary in which point foods that are consumed every day to see which produce unwanted reactions or discomfort. Anyway, should take into account that many times the symptoms occur after a few days.Ho Get Rid Of Eczema Quickly Effective Solution Here

A way to identify which foods are intolerant, is doing an elimination diet. This consists of removing all those foods that are likely to cause allergies for two weeks of daily consumption. After that time, will have to introduce one to one deleted foods, in order to see what reaction causes in the organism.

3 foods that often produce intolerance

The lactose in dairy products


Dried fruits


Fruits with high content of fructose

4. What to do when you think you have food intolerance

The most advisable is to go to the doctor; then, avoid those foods that you think that they would because you the problem, somehow there go trying and experimenting until you find what makes you ill. Once detected intolerance, it must completely eliminate the consumption of that food in particular. Many people, after a long time, can return to consume it without problems, although it is not always true for all.
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