Sleep Less Than 6 Hours Makes You More Prone To Colds You

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Sleep Less Than 6 Hours Makes You More Prone To Colds You

Postby VanHogan » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:47 pm

Scientists from the school of Humanities and Sciences social of Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California in San Francisco and the Center doctor of the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States, suggest that sleep less than six hours quadruples the risk of contracting a cold.

To reach this conclusion authors counted with the participation of 164 people, who were subjected, for two months, medical tests and questionnaires to delineate factors such as consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, their levels of stress or moods. In addition, they took note of your sleep patterns using a sensor measuring the duration and quality of sleep during the night.

Subsequently, was administered to volunteers, through nasal drops, the common cold virus, to then remove them daily samples of mucus for a week. The analysis of the samples revealed that those who slept less than six hours were 4.2 times more likely to cold, compared to those who slept more than seven.

"The dream goes beyond all the factors that were measured, such as the age of the participants, their levels of stress, race, education, income or if they were smoking." Even taking into account those factors, sleep was statistically the winner and a strong predictor of susceptibility to cold virus", explains Aric Prather, leader of the study. are you suffering from insomnia I Have Had Enough Treatments

"In our culture of being busy, there is still a pride about not having to sleep and do a lot of work. We need more studies like this to start to reach homes that sleep is a key component to our well-being,” says Prather in the final report published in the magazine 'Sleep'.

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