Whether Doctors Their Patients With Leiomyoma Any Tips On Li

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Whether Doctors Their Patients With Leiomyoma Any Tips On Li

Postby PitterRicherd » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:20 am

As prevention of fibroids can recommend regular visits to the gynecologist and, of course, to prevent abortion. It is clear that women already diagnosed with these recommendations were all the more relevant.

With regard to diet, you should say that eating green vegetables is associated with a lower risk of endometrial, and addicted to meet with blood — on the contrary, to increased risk. So far, however, there is insufficient scientific evidence to hope on a diet as a way to facilitate the fibroid or prevent its occurrence. http://www.cureinnature.com/fibroids-mi ... anda-leto/

Protective effect of fibroids has taking oral contraceptives. Paradoxically, reduces the risk of disease and all — although there is hardly any doctor who recommends this method of protection from the fibroid.

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